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[News] Maxon TOD9 True Tube Overdrive

Maxon has announced two new models of tube-based overdrive pedals, the TOD9 True Tube Overdrive and TBO9 True Tube Booster/Overdrive.

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The tube seems to be lighted by some leds...
Apparently it is:

Quote: a Tube control allows to choose how important the (LED-lit) tube will be in shaping the final sound

It's a pity tube pedal manufacturers all tend to do it for marketing reasons these days, especially if you consider some models sound very good in spite of what you could fear from the use of such a cheap trick...
I will remain sceptical with low tension tube...

I would like to know where is the tube is placed in the schematic, and what role it plays...

what's more, a tube inside a so small closed volume, it is a bit scearing... :surpris:

It seems to be the "tube fashion"
The fact that there is a "tube" control suggests that the tube is only accessory in shaping the sound, so the name "True Tube" seems a bit exaggerated... Well, nevermind after all, it's the sound that counts, isn't it? The samples seem quite promising, now let's wait for "the real thing".

Quote: I will remain sceptical with low tension tube...

I never could manage to understand how they get the tension higher within the pedal than the tension that comes in... and yet, Maxon claim they push it from 9V to 30V I think, which remains reasonable (it's "just" a 3-something factor after all), but Blackstar claim their 16V-alimented tube stompboxes work inside at something like 300V as far as I remember -- almost 20 times higher than the incoming voltage! Seems strange... well, I've never been that good at Physics, though.