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The Maxon OD-808X Overdrive Extreme released

Godlyke announces the availability at authorized retailers of the new Maxon OD-808X Overdrive Extreme.

The OD-808X Overdrive Extreme is an evolution of the famous Maxon 808 overdrive circuit designed 30 years ago. This new edition offers an extended range in the high frequencies, more gain and harder clipping to create amp-like distorsion effects. The increased output level alows for using the OD-808X Overdrive Extreme as a “semi-dirty” booster, according to Maxon, to drive your guitar amp.

The pedal features Drive, Tone and Level knobs, a buffered bypass switch, a LED for effect status and 9V battery level, as well as a low impedance output that allows for using long cables without significant signal loss.

The Maxon OD-808X Overdrive Extreme is made in Japan, and has a price of $159. More info at