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Good saturation - Reviews Xotic Effects BB Preamp

Distortion pedal, 4 buttons! level bass treble gain. Simple


Simple operation: Turn buttons, between major and index. Fingers or any other matter. Or even any part of the body, grip or not. Finally, it is YMMV.
short one turns listening is turned on replay, and play.


Distortion from mild to support.
We will not fall into the hard bigger than AC-DC but it's good enough most of the time.
His big sister (BB + preamp, I also) seemed to me easier to control in low distortion: there is coming fast on the crunch of good quality, it is more difficult to model below.
Otherwise, no systematic bump in the midrange, as some have (follow my eyes), but you can also do it if you want.


I use it for several months. good pedal, well built, like other Xotic I (a brand that I like enough for now)
I like the sound of this pedal, which can help you navigate the waters of a 808 but also on other waters. The sound is Marshallian of course, so it is ideal to give character to an amp that is not a Marshall
I do not like (in comparison) that the lighter loadings are less accessible than its big brother, BB + preamp (which has two channels and is more expensive)
I wanted to try it, it remains for the moment on my pedalboard as it takes its role (light saturation, overdrive actually)