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excellent and dcevante - Reviews Xotic Effects BB Preamp

All t say is a overdrive pedal all.


everything is simple and there is no need for manual, although the knobs affect the sound and subtle nuances are possible.


So, for a pedal overdrive she really does his job. It allows great crunch sounds create lightweight for arpges a little dirty, blue rhythmic and very effective rock, very clean and vibrant, a clean sound, so it adds a rock sound very effective.
On a saturated sound that allows for fuser harmonics and to bring a little more gnac the sound is really good.
I use it between my musicman petrucci and Mesa Boogie F30. I'd like to try it with a strat because musicman is a versatile guitar but is not very comfortable single blues, the sound is a bit too steep for a ...


I recently and I must say that I hyper t of this pedal. Given the pub and opinions, I think it's a little exagr ...
I have a Boss SD1 for overdrive for several months now, and is much good month, it's on .... by comparing the two, the sound on the BB PREAMP is richer, does not lose low , acute or mdium, really is very very good, dynamic and prcis (almost too much for me prcis who wanted a darker prcis my channel distortion of the mesa ) ...dropoff window
Why I'm from? because a SD1, if it is less, is worth only 40 new (bought in stores Bordeaux ...) whereas the BB is 230 I think ...
I bought it used, 130 with shipping included, so I'm still happy with the same rsultat, but it is not a pedal that I will keep all my life, I had a dual HT, an old tube screamer, SD1 and now BB, each is good, all are ... diffrentes the advantage of dual HT is 2 channels for m I price the BB ...
Do not stone me please, it's great this pedal, but do not esprez it rvolutionnera your sound, and you do not have the sound of andy timmons in his vid o ... must go with the fingers for a, and I'm not the for me ... :) BUT it is only my opinion, each judge based on his gear and of his game ...