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[NAMM] Radial SW4 multi-channel switcher

The Radial SW4 introduced at NAMM 2014 is a multi-channel switcher for balanced audio signals.

The SW4 is an advanced switcher that can be configured to back up wireless mic systems, wireless guitars, stereo backing tracks or even be used to switch or combine mixing consoles thanks to four dual-input pairs that can be switched individually or linked together to create stereo, tri-channel or quadraphonic switching.

The channels are equipped with two balanced XLR-F inputs and an XLR output on the rear panel. Outputs are Eclipse transformer isolated and can handle up to +20dB at 20Hz without distortion, according to the manufacturer. Ground lift switches are also available on each channel. The controls include a channel-on switch, A/B select with LED indicators, signal presence LEDs, and individual trim controls. Channel-1 is further equipped with a summing input switch to enable two sources to share the same output.

A stereo bus with dedicated balanced XLRs allows the combination of the active outputs to a single mix point. This same bus can drive two unbalanced guitar outputs when used with wireless guitar systems. A master mono sum switch brings all the active channels on the bus to both outputs, while a dedicated mono-summed tuner out on the front panel can be used for monitoring or for tuning guitars.

The SW4 further features a built-in headphone amp that can monitor the main bus or be activated using a 3-position PFL switch to monitor the active source or the standby device. 

The SW4 will start shipping in Spring 2014 and the estimated retail price is $1,000 USD.