Is anyone using the Fostex LR 16 ?
I'd like to hear your impressions of this unit. How it working out for you ? Overall Quality ?
Are you using it for live giging ? How about zipper noise, latency, ect,ect ?

To me, this unit would seem to be a bargain. Because the lowest priced 16 channel digital snake I know of is around $3500. Not to mention the mixer/multitracker combo.

With this unit I could have a shallow rack on stage "prewired", saving set-up time needed to wire the rack.  A big plus come the day of the show. And only one small Cat5 cable running from stage to F.O.H.
No big snake to haul around, no 100' A.C. to power F.O.H.,no computer to fool with, and for me, no multiple Cat5 runs to feed the Hear Back Monitors. That would be great ! Less gear/quicker set-up. 

Trouble is, I can't find any honest user info on this unit, So if you're using one, please let me know what you think of it. Thanks.