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User Review

need to play as a deaf - Reviews LD Systems MAUI 11


Dream week ordered Monday delivered on Thursday tried Sunday

finally an invisible sound, powerful and a more than respectable its
I never got back there and I have, and what returns
the sound is very smooth and powerful enough to wrap me, I'm still not entirely deaf, despite my 71 years
the two sets are required to have a listening comfort wrap is the real word and it is nothing to say, or rather heard, I rediscovered my ways through the vocoder I always struggled to be paid
practice, not only the connection between heavy elements should be treated
I attack with a table YAMAHA MG16 / 6CCX I sing with sequences guitar Gibson LP (like types) rather rock
I get out of a sytem 4 RDF 310 A + T BOX PURCHASE boxes more powerful but without directional back 1 hour connection
I highly recommend this type of device not bulky not too heavy
I said no n'vous in which I bought not to throw shame to us and they are still guaranteed margin of 3 years and free to return if it does not fit.
Dipstick NOT SAY NO!