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Electro-Voice PA Speaker Cabinets

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User reviews on PA Speaker Cabinets Electro-Voice products

Careful!!! (ELX112P)

By djnysos, 04/12/2014
I will make a faithful transcription of what I discussed with my local dealer and the surprising finding we made.

EV has partnered up with dinacord audio, dynacord provides the amp and EV the sub, that's broadly how it is, to sum it up.

My dealer quit dynacord audio because they are expensive and have too many lows, in his opinion, and it makes him heady, plus we found out something very surprising today. You can get a dynacord for, at least, 150 euros less if you buy an electro voice LOL and there's no difference, I must say.

My dealer called a big wholesaler directly and he gave us more information. For example, the difference between the zlx and elx series is real, but not that big, and the dsp of the zlx series was taken directly from the high-end ev ETX series.
I ordered today two ZLX 12P and I think I'll get them in a couple of days.

Further, the ELX is at the end of its days so be careful when you make your choice.

One last remark, considering that the elx series has the same amp, obviously, and it has a woofer, I think there's no point in getting an elx sub, like the elx 118p, because one speaker provides enough lows, so, to drive a big sub with the damping factor it has I think you should have more speakers ...

E V Gladiator G118 (Subwoofer G 118)

By mercuryman, 05/12/2016
Excellent sub . J'en possède 2 pairé avec 2 QSC mx1500a en mode bridge Capable de prendre facilement 1000w 8 ohm . Besoin de beaucoup de puissance pour bien les exploiter . Rend bien les grosses basses d'une 5 cordes ou d"un clavier .Bon kick de bass drum.

Mon kit est monte avec 2 EV SX300 et on pourrait mettre facilement 4 G118 pour fournir la basse pour une assez grande salle .

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[NAMM] Electro-Voice ETX loudspeaker series

Published on 01/25/14
For NAMM Show 2014, Electro-Voice easily transported their new ETX portable amplified loudspeaker series to the NAMM Show 2014.