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stephane837's review (Vibe 12)

By stephane837, 27/12/2008
Jait received my vibe in 12 tests since 1 month inpresionant chassi aluminum engine 1.5 the
manufacturer gives 200 w RMS and 80 for the engine.
the box is the top range handle reinforcement and m10 nut for all cable Acroche
22 kg tested with Mount phonic max 860 and HPA 1800 NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MAC MAH.
for a promo price of 189 euros Parts

Greg's's review (Vibe 30)

By Greg's, 13/08/2007
No problem since I have is a little more than 2 years, I can tell you that ca "geule" I never had any other previous speakers but for my pregnant premires j ''m entirely satisfied.

very good report qualitprix a very good forum for a very affordable price.

I will not repeat that choice, because with time I will opt for a larger brand but whatever my future choice I will not speak of these speakers ngativement not to say this series.