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Good value for money! (Vibe 15Sub MKII)

By Echo tango, 26/08/2014
3 months of use with an amp bridged Synq PE900. I was looking for a good combination "space / weight / performance" and am pleasantly surprised. I use at concerts where the battery should be amplified (guitar and bass amps are pretty beefy to pass without dubbing). The sound becomes more rounded, while remaining net. Small flat on the paint finish, quite delicate, requiring the purchase of a bag.

solid practice but ... (PSX-12)

By pin-pindogue, 11/11/2013
1 used PSX 12a (Amplified!) For 2 years.
Minimum: 360 Tried SXa amplified Electrovoice: Much more dynamic, accurate and powerful but expensive + HUGE price.
Second least: The weight!
The BIGGEST: Quality / Price, durability (cuts out when overstretched) output for a second PSX 12 unamplified (so two speakers to the same output; cool for public address!) Overall volume adjustment (+ pot bass and treble pot) + input line and microphone independent.
The ideal system for the rental and lending.
NB: I also have two PSX 12 unamplified I shoot with a QSC GX5, agrees.
Personal Rating: 7/10