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Comments about Making Equalization Work For You - forum Parametric EQ

Equalization is one of the most important and powerful tools in the recording enthusiast’s arsenal, yet too many people adjust equalization with their eyes – not their ears. For example, one time after doing a mix, I noticed the client writing down all the EQ settings I had made. When I asked why, he said it was because he liked the EQ and wanted to use the same settings on these instruments in future mixes.

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icon_aime.gifGreat article! It explained a lot all of my Engineering issues involving:

"There are three main applications for EQ:

  1. Problem-solving
  2. Emphasizing or de-emphasizing an instrument in a mix
  3. Altering a sound’s personality"

As Craig Anderton on wrote on.


I use Power Tracks Pro & I am very happy with what I'm doing & learning so- not bashing the product- it's great for it's purpose! I learned about using EQ's to "Roll Off" but did not know the "Why?" or "When" to use it. Thus, some tracks were nearly Pro-impressive & others, broadcasts my entry-level Engineer skills. icon_redface.gif


I read & use the 3T method : Try, Tweak, Test! Craig's article gave me leaps & bounds w/ template ideas for EQ use, error debugging & creative attempts.

My only quirk w/ the article (I know. It's my inexperience not Craig's writing!) is I don't know  the meaning of "a quarter-octave". icon_redface.gif So, I must return to my "3Ts" & discover how to "narrow" the Bandwidth as he wrote off using my 1K Multimedia TRackS EQ. Again, thanks for a great article Craig! icon_lol.gif


icon_idea.gifEureka! I've a little better understanding of Frequency Octaves & "emphasizing/de-emphasizing" instruments. A little Google-ing, a little home lab & a lot of 3Ts. I feel like I'm in grade school & just got promoted to my next higher grade! icon_lol.gif


Your article plugged in the missing links in my head. Now, I know how to use the Graphic EQs along w/Dynamics in my Power Tracks Pro and my 1k TRackS Para-EQ Pluggin and my Shelf & very granular Para EQ from my E-MU 1212M Audio interface!  Thanks again for the insight!


Cool!  Glad the article was of great service to you! mrgreen

i dont understand

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