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User Review

rroland's review - JDK Audio EQ-R24

An equalizer transistor. Four bands and no Q.


Extremely simple configuration. No need to book. The choice of frequencies is continuous (not notched knob). This can be a problem on a subgroup or a mix, because it is not certain to be on exactly the same frequency on both sides. Similarly, the absence of "Q" can be problematic. For example, the battery cells. on the other hand, it is a formidable machine sound level. The great class, really, at a very affordable price eventually.


Its pleasant. This equalizer is to color and beautify more than clean. In this regard, the absence of "Q" prevent "clean" as precisely what you want. on the other hand, when you add, you get a not very aggressive musical result, natural. Really well in terms of sound, it is essential.
On a mix or a bus, with one or two db correction, we already have what you seek. On individual tracks on the other hand, we can honestly go further. For me it is the 8.5/10 or 9/10 if we take into account the price.


In this price area, there is not much serious. The "plus" is the price, musicality, construction (damn good). The "minus" is at the Q, and possibly locking, at least for the frequency ... but it would probably raises the price.