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User Review

Exceeded, largely surcôtée - Reviews Roland SRX-03 Studio SRX

About a month of use on a Fantom X7.
I would say that this type workstation, tops in its release in 2004, the provision of SRX (at least thereof, general) is almost zero.
In my productions, I try to use the sounds, but I come to the end each time, to the internal waves X7, more dynamic. That's the problem with this card is the number of velocity layers per wave 2 at best, which affects the expression. A priori, given the limited number of patches associated with this card, one would expect a better definition, but this is not the case (which does not portend better performance for other existing SRX).
It takes almost nothing to Fantom X, much better armed (3 velocity layers for the EP and other waves, 4 for the AP!). 150 Euros for not much, it is a small price to pay.
Besides, when you think, where else have you seen that electronic equipment (in addition to the field of computer or digital music, the development runaway) is still side occas almost half of the new price, 14 years after its release?
It will, at best, a facelift to older bikes accepting SRX.
Otherwise, some positive points in absolute terms, notwithstanding obsolescence:
- Beautiful samples of some wind instruments (flutes in particular), cool in the attacks
- Kits with similar dynamics Fanx, but more importantly, and this is the only real contribution of this map, some additional percussion