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User Review

powerchordfx's review - Roland SRX-05 Supreme Dance

I just put it in the Fantom, so this is a review of first impressions.

Sound quality: WOAWWWWWWWWW! It is indisputable, the samples are very good (they are signed for Spectrasonics I guess a good part)


At originality: There is not the same enthusiasm when it is determined the number of patches that bring a new grain Fantom. Let's say that over 300 patches, there are 50 who bring something else. It must be said that quite a few patches are composed of a single PCM + effects. So we are far from exploiting the power of layers and layers of Fantom ...

I have the card 07 Ultimate Keys and a lot of patches of the series is featured on the Vintage Dance SRX. But the rest is REALLY awesome!!

Loops are the most interesting and seem readily available. There are a lot of sounds and JV Juno or JD, there are many patches that remind the SRJV Sound FX ... So the sound palette available to me sounds very interesting even for someone who has several SRX.


It is the strong point of the map: there are 34! In fact, I found the kit at Fantom bland electronica and hip-hop. Suddenly, the SRX Dance is THE must-have map to complete the Fantom! This is GORGEOUS!

I have a little trouble finding something to criticize such comments would only be subjective so it does help you in any way to judge the map.

Last interesting point but I have not had time to listen: the card comes with a CD that contains 58 specially programmed for SMF exploit rhythm kits. That's a big plus to load on the Fantom even a drum machine compatible SMF ...

I still have my opinion which I think is an interesting news: the latest kit rhythms (TR menu) contains the sounds of the TR707 808 and 909. If I had sampled the TR707 from my father, I certainly would not have done better. My favorite being the 909, I can assure you that we have samples perfect!


More than 2 months after the first review: rhythm kits are totally awesome! With my DR-880 is a real treat. SMF files shipped with the CD is loaded onto the CD but I think they operate largely under-the possibilities offered by the kits. The Fantom's arpeggiator can also create loops quickly with much more groove (R & B. .. Tekno).

Loops m'éclatent this card as always. Not necessarily original but it's clean and efficient. Waveforms allow great creativity available for editing patches.

9 / 10 because it is always better, there is a lack of warm analog sound (the Ultimate Keys SRX does not satisfy me either since they are recasts of SR-JV) ... This is the part that makes rhythmic note: there is enough to create tons of really original rhythm kits given the number and quality of these waveforms (Spectrasonics RAM).

I'm really happy with this purchase: Phantom universe changes as if I had bought another brand. I play other styles of music since I have this card ...

Finally, here about 80 patches of the Dance SRX (19.5 MB file):

In third is a typical demo kits card, I was a little faster (it is ugly) but I'll probably just a demo kits most original ...

View File: SRX-Dance01.mp3 ( )

PS: I made it to hard, so enjoy many ducks and my lack of professionalism ... : Wah: