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User Review

SRX-06 - Reviews Roland SRX-06 Complete Orchestra


I confirm that the bank of sounds available and useful embedded (in particular) on the SRX-06 is huge (450 sounds) without, and this is admirable, it does not come at all understand the quality of sample or the beauty of stamps. Quality work that fits in 64MB of dedicated resources to xploitation and sound effects assignable without the stress of your PC microprocessor associated with your favorite sequencer will play their role comfortable remote.

SRX-06 is a versatile card rare perspective where it groups together the essential kit full orchestra for the use of leaders / composers wanting to control the numerous and rich acoustic sounds of multiple and extended Philharmonic . In other words, you have all the classical instruments on hand and it sounds good. Used in both versions of the classic style, the records of film music, in arrangements multifaceted music variety. Once again, such versatility in a card (and even within a single rack) is rare and valuable. Therefore, a tool to have.

Note, some ethnic sounds of traditional music, very good quality, as a Uilleann pipe (Irish bagpipes), the cymballum Hungarian and Greek bouzouki, very estimable, especially those that are not found everywhere and instruments often. There like this, for example, an accordion "or Casotto Cassotto" that I found in the Motif XF Yamaha. These sounds rare, outside and in addition to conventional sounds, is a clear added value to these collections by embedded racks or dedicated collections of maps, more rarely natively in keyboards.

Two criticisms:

- Roland in the extent of its rich SRX, should devote a full copy, specialized and more extensive choral and vocal sounds. Such a specialized card "Voices & Choirs" is clearly lacking and singularly lacking.

- Differently, given the incomplete nature of the sounds of strings (strings) contained in the SRX-06, it justifies as complementary effect, the existence and possession of the card dedicated to the strings in the same collection (SRX- 04). Here, however it is particularly pleased that these two cards coexist, particularly in the context of the series of 12 cards greatly expanded Roland SRX, which I use cards via 02,04,06,11 priority, which look great on expanders and are also ideal complementary sound vocabulary

* USB expander Roland XV-5050 (2002) and Sonic (2007) that can simultaneously operate two SRX each

* USB expander rack sampler Roland XR (2004), which can carry and operate simultaneously up to 6 cards from the SRX!

* And the Roland Fantom X 6 (2005) / X 7 (2005) / X 8 (2004), in which keyboards you have room for 4 cards SRX series expansion.

All expansion cards of the SRX series, including the SRX-12 can be used with the following instruments:

- Sonic Cell (2007)
- Fantom-X6 / X7 / X8 / XR / Xa
- JUNO-G * / Juno Stage
- RD-700 / 700SX / 70 GX *
- VR-760 V-Combo
- G-70 / MC-909 *
- Rodgers MX-200 *
- Fantom-S/S88 * (2003), 4 slots SRX
- Fantom (FA-76)
- * XV-5080/5050/3080/2020/88
- Version 1.06 and later

* The parameter settings for Patches and Rhythm Sets are optimized for Fantom/XV/JUNO-G/MX-200/série RD series with expansion bays SRX/MC-909/VR-760/G-70 / so the sounds produced by each instrument may differ slightly.

These expansion cards use a new format. Check the version of the operating system of your instrument, and if applicable an update is available, place your instrument through the update program the update on CD-ROM.


- Roland SRX cards are compatible with keyboards Roland Fantom S (2003) and Fantom X (2004/2005).

- Roland SRX cards are not compatible with Roland's Fantom G 6/7/8 (2008), for which the range of ARX is only designed and adapted keyboards or with Jupiter-50/80 (2010).

- The entire content (sounds) 12 expansion sound cards Roland SRX range is integrated into the rack expander physical Integra7 Roland (2012), plus other sounds clearly.

Sounds of the range of SRX:

(Drag the icon of your choice SRX, holding down the left button of the mouse, and then removing the click above the keyboard Roland Fantom X8)