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User Review

dont buy - Reviews Digidesign Pro Tools Custom Keyboard - Windows

The custom keyboard for Digidesign pro tools was something that I picked up mainly out of depesperation. It was at a time when I didn’t really know to much about pro tools and though that having the short cuts on the keys would really help me navigate through pro tools. It did help in a way but at the end of the day I just really didn’t need to purchase this. It is not cheap and its way overpriced just for a keyboard. There is nothing special about it, you could basically just learn most of the short cuts yourself (it will take some time) and it will be the same.

The quality of the keyboard isn’t that good either, when you pay that much money you want something a little better. This keyboard just feels like a cheap keyboard that you can get at any office store just with pro tools stuff on it and not regular keys.

I say stay away from this, if you are looking for shortcuts then learn them the old way and don’t take the easy way out. I have heard that there are several pro tools keyboards out that are good, but this one from Digidesign just isn’t a good one to me. I was very disappointed that I purchased this and couldn’t return it because I had to past the 60 days so I sold it on eBay for about half what I paid for it and lost money in the end. It was a headache to use and im just glad I got some of my money back on it. don’t buy it even if you are having a hard time understanding pro tools or if you just want the quick short cuts look at some of the official keyboards from pro tools and maybe get one of those. This one is cheap and cost too much, and the value of it wont hold up you.