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User Review

caroline13's review - ESI PACK WAVETERMINAL 192M MIDI

I appreciate the audio + midi connector is a card for someone who consists parfairte using both interfaces.
two headphone outputs very useful.
The outer case is perfect if you accept rgler gains on the screen.
AMD 2000 +, GIGABYTE motherboard VIA 400, 512MB


The installation Droulez without problem.
the card turned impeccable as on the same IRQ and a radeon 9600 firewire interface!
I still place an irq indpendant by changing the PCI slot and disable the network.
Reinstalling flawless.
panel ESI trs clear and simple enough to be taken in hand, with the possibility to change the chantillonage in one click, open software ... levels for all inputs and all outputs.
franais manual included, just enough to understand.


Last drivers 4.20, dated July chops on the internet but not on the manufacturer's website (?!?)
Trs stable, not a crack.
ASIO 2 + cubase with 5 ms of latency. RAS
I have not really had time to register with the mutipiste playback, etc.
in thor, 4 simultaneous input and 10 outputs.
I record a guitar electro-acoustic pramplis without the aluminum and nickel levels are.
Not a breath.
No problem with all the multimedia application.


I use it for a week: o)
I love the sound, very clean, I rgale rcouter all my samples.
Little regret (all the same ..), the audio DBiT at about 100 db output, but hey, the quality ..
by the way, I also took home the DX4 M-AUDIO, but certainly not powerful trs its terrible, well equilibrated. Perfect for the cra and multimedia.
the card is a great Russianness, provided with a good software package with ableton ESI (not four, damage).