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User Review

agardet's review - ESI PACK WAVETERMINAL 192M MIDI

Map 4 inputs and 10 outputs with midi and spdif.
2 inputs 12V phantom power pramplifies +
2 headphones
1 PCI + 1 + a MIDI card rack.
But solid plastic case lg of trs good quality and design.
PC Config: Barton xp 2800, motherboard MSI KT6 Delta-FISR Via KT600, 1GB ram, two notches ...
I record bass, piano, guitar, voice, hurdy-gurdy with wheel .... prampli TLaudio FAT2


Installation without problem, it is the time that has happened to me apremire (This is my Systm 5 m)
Well you read the doc (in French lol) you put the CD, you click, you click and you there ... iet very simple
Total compatibility, msi has changed trs is really stable now.
Manual in French, trs complete


Drivers trs stable and day cd that came with latest version of drivers.
Ego is a sys days rgulirement its drivers
2 ms without problem
4 tracks record Concurrent
24 + 5 audio audio instrument


Used for 3 weeks
stability reliability ergonomics, ego sys ....
Excellent quality price (269 euros) for a system that reliably and trs Audible