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User Review

Zouzou85's review - ESI Wami Rack 192X

One of the few audio cards-numriques offering 24-bit / 192 kHz that price.

I use it mainly with GigaSampler and Cubase SX, of the o intrt of ASIO and GSIF drivers and especially the patch "ReWire" which allows for the audio internally and directly numrique GigaSampler (or other software) Cubase (or whatever) without going through the analog audio inputs and outputs of the card.

Design and construction simple, effective and strong.

4 XLR (or Jack the rear) with phantom power supplies and micro pramplis of good quality if you do not grow back (a little out of breath).

8 audio outputs (6.1 ready!) And in / out MIDI.

IN / OUT Coaxial S / PDIF.

- No IN / OUT optics, it is necessary to add a converter for this Casing (+ / - 50 euros)
- No Time Code (SMPTE. ..)


Quick and easy installation.

I have a problem with the control software of the card that does not load always dmarage, but a simple click on a shortcut to activate it.

Manuel trs "cheap", not really full ...


Using simple trs.
Trs low latency.
Drivers rev stable.

The sound!! Extremely clear and prcis: clear.

Almost no wind.

Dynamics dcorner the horse! I use my amp with a volume at least SETTING THE not to m'exploser the eardrums!


I use this card for 4 months and I am satisfied trs!

It is my opinion plutt production-oriented musical numrique using little analog audio because of limits on the number 4, but what it does, it does trs well!

Too bad the pub (almost nonexistent) for this brand, which other models of excellent and inexpensive, is not the level of sales.