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User Review

The old, but good! - Reviews E-MU 1616M

I was motivated by the technical, the real!
A great preamp input and more than 120 dB signal to noise ratio is more than I wondered at this price!

I worked a lot on stereo jacks up so the two combo inputs on the front I was immediately seduced.

I used this card in both PCI and then I bought the PCMCIA module apart to be able to travel with.


I used this module with win XP / Vista and 7. No stability problems.
Latency is all that is inaudible once it is not too dependent effects on the mule in all tracks.

The biggest project with this card: 68 audio tracks.

- The plugs are supplied with the type gadget (except the frequency generator)
- The transformer that powers the unit (the 48V output, mine burnt to hard to replace!)
- The routing software

+ Output level modular-10dB or +4 dB to attack on the pro (my kind of Manley Vari-mu)
+ + The connection between PCI card and the module is done by ethernet cable: super fast, stable, good cable lengths possible top! (Why others do not they???)
+ + Sound quality!


Easy installation, routing not always clear, up-to-day drivers, blah.


It's been 7 years now I use it, it is still functioning!
This is the heart of my studio that I extended to 14 tracks with the ADAT optical Saffire with a liquid 56.

I had a lot of other cards with different generation (ISIS / Motu / Digi 001/Pro-tools first generation HD, etc ...) and although it is the only who do not take a wrinkle in time. The design was sound. Not based on smoke and mirrors on the sampling freq inaudible (Shannon's theorem should be mastered by the buyers card!) But on a good gain entry with a very good signal / noise

Miking with 14 Channels + SPDIF witness in a skyscraper without dropping out, no problem on that side.

What I love most:
able to trust him before attacking a project, even the heavy! The sound will be the appointment if I make a good decision.

What I like least:
The routing for a headphone mix or mastering by decoupling the output / audio inputs, one must return to the app that is not ... extraordinary.

incredible value for money for such small config

I repeat a well, but mine does not crash!