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Echo Indigo IO


I installed an Echo Indigo IO on my Toshiba laptop yesterday, running XP Pro. Installation was fine.

When I tried to play a cd through the system, after about ten seconds, a loud buzz could be heard and the music cut out all together. I re-booted several times, tried various cd's and dvd's with the same result. About five or ten seconds of sound (great quality too) then, cut out or lock up.

I uninstalled and reinstalled a few times with no luck.

Any and all advice gratefully accepted!

Did you try to contact Echo's tech support?
That was my first port of call. They answered my query, very quickly, I might add, though not to a satisfactory conclusion, as yet.
it seems to me that your sound card crashes due to overload on the output, so lower the output fader and- or lower the input. Echo cards are very sensitive but the quality is great. I have an echo mia card for two years and it keeps on doing the job, had the same probl. in the beginning.
Also make sure that the card is compatible with the board's chipset.
chris at
Hello Pax,

Thanks for the suggestions. I started the track and master output volume levels at zero and it still locked up.

The list I have of incompatible chipsets does not include mine.

Very frustrating!
Hi again,
did you install xp pro as a acpi or standard pc? It should be standard.The card should have his own IRQ port to avoid internal conflict.With acpi always probs.
Many other laptop users do have probs with internal souncard.
Check-up the bios, AC 97 audio should be disabled. Is there an other onboard soundcard? if so, remove it.
There is nothing else to do than to check things out item after item untill you find the prob. Really hope you'll find the solution, I know all about frustration. So, succes.
chris at
Thank you Chris.

XP was installed as a standard PC.

The PCMCIA slot shares an IRQ with about six other devices. The IRQ on any of them cannot be changed.

There is an onboard soundcard but there is no option in the BIOS to disable it. As the people at Echo have informed me, the Indigo will disable the onboard soundcard automatically, though, if it's still visible to the BIOS, a conflict may happen.

I am getting to the stage where I think I may have to give up and go USB, which I'd prefer to not to.

Hi mark,
if the echo cannot have it's own IRQ, the prob. will remain, no doubt about it, especialy for audio. So it's better to change the set-up, and if possible to avoid lap tops. With laptops better use external cards.( stability- heat- lac of space). If you can spend the extra money? It will improve your health.
kind regards
Hello Chris,

Thank you again for your advice.

I tend to think you may be right.

I have to use a laptop for my live gigs so will turn to a USB solution. Any suggestions on that front? I've looked at the Audiophile2496 USB and few others.

My desktop studio is running beautifully - no problems there!

yes mark,
audiophile is more or less the same as M-audio. They are both OK.
Before you buy check out the board's chipset first. The supplier can inform you about it. With the wrong chipset your card won't work.
Audiophile, M-audio or others? Mainly it's a matter of configuration and settings, hardware and software. One wrong setting and frustration all over. Succes and have fun.
kind regards