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Guitar modeling and a new cabinet simulator highlight the latest release

Peavey ReValver 4 Review When Peavey’s ReValver software was first released, it stood out from its competitors because it allowed users to get inside the virtual circuitry and tweak the components. Several iterations later, ReValver 4 introduces some stunning features that again separate it from the pack. read more…

EBS Classic Session 120, Ibanez Promethean P3115 and Peavey Max 115 Comparison

Only One Can Survive Imagine for a moment that a fellow dressed as the mailman shows up at your door when you are about to start playing your favorite instrument: "Ding-dong! It's the mailman! I've got a parcel for you!," says an affable figure, all sweaty, with a tone that is meant to be cheerful. read more…

Peavey AmpKit Link Mini-Review

An Amp in your iPhone Apple boasts that there is an iPhone app for everything and we at AudioFanzine are starting to believe that they might be right. In the past two years we have discovered a bunch of more or less successful music apps. It is now time for virtual guitar amps to take over the famous mobile phone with hardware and software solutions. We tested one of them recently: the Peavey AmpKit Link. read more…

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BVX 115 and TVX 410 (4 ohm) (115 BVX)

By Bassmanb3, 27/10/2018
A fellow Bassist and friend sold Me a BVX and a TVX for $140 because they were 4 ohms so He had to use 2 heads to run them, they were too heavy, and He needed the space. They both are great sounding cabs. If I only use one I use the BVX. To My ears it just sounds better, Counter to what You would think It has better definition of the highs than the TVX.
After Years of abusing a little Behringer 300 watt head running it at 2 ohms ( it sounded great), I finally solved the impedance issues. Just got a Hartke LH1000. Tube preamp and two 500 watt power amps. Yielding 320 watts to each cab at 4 ohms. Wow! Finally unleashing the full potential of these cabs. Awesome!!!! Really move some air!

Used, mint condition Peavey Firenza P90 electric guitar (Firenza)

By Maguchi, 05/08/2019
Bought an excellent condition, barely used, USA made Peavey Firenza P90 with original hardshell case for $330 about a month ago. I can't put it down. Plugged it into a turn of the century American made Peavey Delta Blues with a 15" speaker. Great tone, the P90 pickups made by Gotoh are clear and thicker than a Fender single coil when played clean and distorts easily and tonefully.

Love the feel of the medium thickness of the neck, has a fairly flat 15" radius fretboard that feels a little different, but I got used to it pretty quick. Hangs balanced off the strap. Tuning machines feel solid and stay in tune even after heavy bending of strings. The tuneomatic bridge and the stopbar tailpiece were both recessed. Kind of an unusual design but had no problems with it. Maybe this was an early attempt by Peavey to make the bridge and tailpiece more solid a la tonepros, but that is just speculation on my part.

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[NAMM] Peavey announces 6505 Guitar Subwoofer

Published on 01/24/16
Peavey present the new 6505 subwoofer, the latest addition to their 6505 Series.

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Peavey Classic Series 60/60

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Peavey XR696 Powered Mixer

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