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[NAMM] A foot controller for the Kemper Profiler

Kemper will introduce at NAMM 2015 next week a foot controller for its Profiler amps, with extended features and control capacities.

The Kemper Remote Profiler hosts on its metal case a display, four footswitches and various buttons and connectors. It connects to your Kemper Profiler amps via an included Ethernet cable so you can remotely control the hardware/software features of the amps.

The buttons available on the Profiler Remote provide direct access to 5 Rigs (program patches), patch banks, the tuner (with three LEDs), Tap Tempo (also drives the Beat Scanner in real time), the 30 second stereo looper, and evidently, the different effects and multi-effects assigned to the current patch via the dedicated Stomp FX buttons. Kemper offer free assignment to the four footswitches, they will be stored with each Rig.

The 30 second stereo looper includes recording, playback and overdub features, with stop, playback cycle triggering, recording/playback/overdub direction reverse, recording/playback/overdub 1/2 speed and Undo/Redo.

The Profiler Remote also includes TRS jacks to connect up to 4 expression pedals and mono or stereo external switches, and it supports MIDI control (Program Change messages executed on the Profiler Remote can, for instance, be defined by MIDI Program Change commands that will be sent to MIDI gear simultaneously via the Profiler MIDI output).

The Profiler Remote will be available during Q1, 2015 for $599 / 499 € ; authorized dealers will also offer bundles that will include the Profiler Amps and Profiler Remote.