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Peavey AmpKit Link Mini-Review

An Amp in your iPhone Apple boasts that there is an iPhone app for everything and we at AudioFanzine are starting to believe that they might be right. In the past two years we have discovered a bunch of more or less successful music apps. It is now time for virtual guitar amps to take over the famous mobile phone with hardware and software solutions. We tested one of them recently: the Peavey AmpKit Link. read more…

User reviews on Peripherals or accessories for tablets/iDevices Peavey products

Practical mobile solution (AmpKit)

By Reiep, 05/09/2011
What can I say? We put a battery, you plug, it works. It could not be simpler.

I use it with the application of Agile Partners Ampkit recognized immediately.

Rating: 8 - I enjoyed setting the volume of input and output on Ampkit Link

The Ampkit Link has a big flaw, despite its stack: there is indeed feedback. As a noise gate is mandatory and a kind of unpleasant metallic sound persists.

This is unfortunate because the simulations of Ampkit are quite correct for the price.

Rating: 6 - once accustomed to the feedback it goes better, but still ... shame

Small disclaimer: This opinion concerns only the Ampkit Link, not the application Ampkit!

In the end, without the worry of feedback, the Amplink Kit is a mini guitar interface just right. So, can not be used for anything a little bit of exploitable (I think, for example, GarageBand iPad).

Nevertheless, given its size and price, it's a very interesting tool for the guitarist on the go.

Final score: 7.

ampkit + and irig (AmpKit)

By cil20, 02/02/2012
It plugs into and it works I speak of and no irig amkit the link with an additional battery but not on the irig.

The irig ampkit is compatible and that's where it's interesting.

I speak now of the app that to me is much more efficient than the AmpliTube

I have a sufficient level and modeling are good enough qualitée

I use everything on iphone 4 with a epiphone lp Express and a powered speaker altec orbit of which is in my travel kit.

Frankly it rocks the pants to my grandmother

any concern for feedback and cie one thing have to go to airplane mode to avoid interference

lack a little audio editor for the session and what rec classify its preset banks and for me it is the top

I tried everything lite version before I decide to apli ampkit +

after we add some effects of moselisation but it starts to encrypt

I do not hesitate to do again the same if we just go back to aillor if someone has a trick I clent.

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Trace Elliot on AmpKit v1.3

Published on 04/03/12
The new version 1.3 of AmpKit makes Trace Elliot the first modern bass amplification system to be modeled for the iOS platform.

[NAMM] Peavey AmpKit LiNK HD

Published on 01/20/12

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