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User Review

spritnoirr2's review - Numark GrooveTool

Value For Money : Excellent
Numark will always make me laugh ...

Cool! A cell cheap! Stingy friend, to your door monaie!

Anyway ... how can we believe that, everything is 15 euros?

This cell is made ... Bha ... To check if your player is cheap good working ... After ...

For the scratch is not the top. The diamond is not what we do best, again with an improper adjustment of the arm, use it as soon as the cell and hollow vinyl.

For sampling, it's disappointing. The frequencies are crushed, the upper crackles, settles down and the medium lacks punch.

For the few that vinyl is a bit dusty, you feel like listening to a CD by the fire.
on the other hand, listen to a bit of specifying expected rigor of sound and especially without daily use, this unit is for you.

Without professional use, she reads what he gives and with a good setting, it is robust.

For my part I have three:

_ 1 to listen to the sound occasionally ... 5 years!
1 _ to scratch ... 4 months!
_ For a sampler ... One day!

I put 3 / 10 because it may be convenient, but I always smile when we are led to believe that with little money can compete with the pros ... That's a shame but it is incompatible ...