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User Review

Very good cartridge - Reviews Shure M44-7

The Shure M44-7 is a cartridge that has a high skip resistance and a solid frequency range (20 hz to 20 kHz). The performance of this cartridge was so much better than what I was expecting it to be because of the price. It is very inexpensive and I didn’t expect to get such a great quality cartridge.
This cartridge does a great job on my vinyl, it does not put much wear and tear on my records at all and the sound wise, it really projects those mid and low bass tones very well. This is the perfect cartage to have for a club DJ and scratching with. I have used the M44-7 hundreds of times now and I have gone through many of them because over time they do tend to get wore down. But this needed is great for mixing and scratching and it comes with an extra set of 4 head shell wires and stylus cleaning brush.
This cartridge does come with a manual but being that I have been through so many of these I had no use for the manual. For the first time user the manual could be very helpful because it is easy to understand and explains exactly how to change your cartridges and needles safely and easily.
I have used so many Shure DJ products over the last ten years and they have not sold me anything that I regret. Everything has been built with the best possibly quality and the M44-7 is only 70 bucks but easily feels like it could cost twice that much with the durability and skip resistant feel to it. I also recommend the M44-7h (comes with technics headshell) and even some of the Numark cartridges are also very good. But when it comes to cartridges I tend to want quality and nobody will be the quality for the price that Shure delivers, especially when it comes to DJ gear.