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User Review

sounds similar to the CC-1 - Reviews Shure WhiteLabel

The Shure White label is a light weight turntable cartridge that has a high visibility stylus. This cartridge is one of the newest ones that I just purchased. The design of it is very attractive, it is sleek and easy to work with and it has great tracking for time coding my vinyl records. This cartridge is great for digital DJ’s as well. This cartridge sounds great too, it does not color the sound and has a very club sound too it but it does not over exaggerate the low end and bass frequencies like some performance cartridges tend to do. But with that being said I do not recommend using this cartridge for battle action because it does not provide enough low end for me. But it does have very clear mids and highs and sounds great in a club. It is also very light on my vinyl leaving it scratch free.
The White label comes in a case and is easy to install and start using right way. It comes with a small guide to show you everything you need to know if you are a new but in my case I didn't need a manual or guide. This cartridge can also be compared to the Numark CC-1 in sound quality but not in design and feel. The sounds are very similar though as I have both of them and use both of them on a regular basis now. I do prefer the White Label from Shure of the Numark CC-1 though because of the design and feel of it. I do wish the sound had a little more low end though and could be used in a battle situation or when I am pumping up a jam packed club. I have been using this cartridge for few weeks now and so far I am very pleased.