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Physical modelling virtual synthesizers

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Physical modelling virtual synthesizers
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User reviews on Physical modelling virtual synthesizer products

Faithful Reproduction of a Prophet Synth, and Way More! (Memorymoon - Messiah 2.0)

By Chuck_Cohen, 29/09/2019
These days in the Prophet 5 emulator market, you basically have the U-he Repro 1/5 and the Arturia Prophet V. The Arturia can emulate both the Prophet 5 and the Vector and even combine them as a hybrid, but the overall sound is not as detailed and fat as the Repro. Most go with the Repro as the standard for Prophet emulation, but the plug-in is way more computer resource-intensive. ...but wait, there is one more contender.....

Enter "Messiah" by Memorymoon, which was actually the first and original Prophet 5 emulator from 2008. However, version 2.0 arrived late-in-the-game in the fall of 2018, and not a whole lot of fanfare (marketing). However, Messiah is very different these days in that it has a whole new engine and lots of added features and sound banks (presets). Because of this, it rivals the sonic capability (sound) of Repro 1/5, but uses a lot less resources (this is important to me). Plus it has several features not found on the on Repro or Arturia (additional oscillator options and filter mods) and comes with close to 900 good useful presets.

Also, update version 2.1 is set to come out before the end of year 2019 and will introduce even more features, tweaks, and a slew of internal "choosable" MIDI map templates for various "external MIDI controller" boxes and synth keyboards (there is a template in there for the new SoundForce SFC-5 "Prophet 5 style" MIDI controller box). I was actually in the market and was planning on purchasing Repro, but after demo'ing Messiah, I changed my mind and purchased it instead.

A Great Freeware (Krakli Software - StringZ [Freeware])

By AlanForPresident, 01/08/2012
Krakli StringZ 2 is one of the unsung hero’s when I comes to developing VST’s. When I saw they made the StringZ 2 I knew for a fact that I was going to download it. I really didn’t have anything to lose because it is completely free. StringZ 1 was the first version of this that came out and it was great, I didn’t think they would come out with a StringZ2 though, as soon as I got word on it I immediately downloaded it and installed it. The layout of StringZ2 is better than the first version and it is better than any other Freeware that I have seen. Krakli has really taken the time out to create a great interface, I cant believe they still made it for free though.


It worked perfect on my dual core processor Windows 7 64 bit PC. The Ram was not an issue because Krakli StringZ 2 doesn’t not use a lot of CPU. Installing it was very quick just like installing the original version of the StringZ. I still have StringZ on my computer along
with Stringz2 and I use them both to this day. The software is very stable, there have been no issues installing or using.


StringsZ2 seems to have some more authentic sounding strings that sound less "synthy" than they did on the first version that came out a while back. That is a good thing and a bad thing because I do love to have synth sounding strings, that is the only reason I keep StringZ1 installed on my system , other wise I would have took it off when StringZ2 came out. I am happy though I downloaded this and knew I would love it before I downloaded it. If you are in need of some good strings why not download this freeware. The quality of this VST is outstanding, and its easy to use.

Tonka's review (Krakli Software - StringZ [Freeware])

By Tonka, 19/04/2009





I have a very long time without ever having tried ... In fact it is a real killer!

For me until I thought that there is sound "realistic" or sound "synthetic" ... What this little vsti introduced me, these are sounds that are not realistic but they seem to be produced by real instruments, not a synth ... The sounds are not very clean, very "textured" ... Two notes played one after the other at the same velocity sounds (sometimes very) differently ... One has the impression of having to do with acoustic instruments unidentified crosses improbable violas, sitar, flute and accordion, or even old-gurdy or spruce-des-Vosges .. . this frieze, it squeaks, scrapes it ... There's the bow, there's strings ...

For environments folk / trad, medieval, neo Gregorian ", Gothic, Baroque or even downright bizarre, very cinematic (the day you are asked to do the soundtrack for the remake of the name of the rose, it will do the hair ) ... supplements for more traditional sounds, it makes him incredibly.

Becoming one of my favorite vsti (frees and paid together) obviously must love ... I love me.

And a tip: try shots modulation wheel on a sustained note!

News Physical modelling virtual synthesizer

Messiah 2.1 is Almost Ready for Release

Published on 09/30/19
Memorymoon Messiah 2.1 has a lot of new features, including a new skin, sound bank changes, expanded Waveform Morphing, and onboard CC templates.

AAS Updates Chromaphone

Published on 07/19/12