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Does a Yamaha GB1 taste good to dogs? - forum Piano & Organ

Hi all,

I have been playing my Yamaha GB1 for many years now and I love it dearly. Recently, I have been thinking of getting a dog and I am just wondering how much damage that is going to do...

Anyone else have a similar problem? Anything I can do to dog-proof my piano?
I have a friend who tried to dog-proof his piano by putting up barriers so it wouldn't get chewed...but in the end its the dog hair that really caused problems (gets inside the piano somehow). Something to think about anyway

I have a question for you actually. I have never been able to figure out the difference between the Yamaha GB1 and GC1? I familiar with the size difference and duplex scaling with the GC1.

I am considering buying a GC1, but is it about $5000 more than the GB1

Was that something you considered too? How did you decide on the GB1?
Thanks, I had heard that about the hair too. I'm still not ready to give up the idea though!

I chose the CB1 mostly for financial reasons. Supposedly the only difference between them (besides the size) is the low end on the GB1.

Now that it has been a few years and I've grown very attached to my GB1 I don't think I will change. If you are considering buying one of these pianos and money is not a problem I would say go for the GC1

Also, I've heard from friends that it is really worth it to move up to the 5'3" because pianos under the 5' size traditionally do not hold their value as well as the really small baby grands.

Hope that helps!
Ah ha!

I've found the solution for you. Get a dog, but buy him his own piano so that he leaves your alone...…Q&feature=related

tuxedo optional :D:

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