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User reviews on Pianos & Organs Yamaha products

A superb digital piano equipped with a great arranger mode (Clavinova CVP-709)

By cleo28, 15/08/2017
The instrument looks great, even if I preferred the appearance of the 407.
I use it at home, for my own personal pleasure.
Piano sounds are very realistic, and the keys feel close to those of an acoustic piano.
The woodwind and guitar sounds are very convincing.
There are so many effects that you can change the sounds and get whatever result you were after.
The arranger mode is up to par with the best, and the styles offered are of a high quality standard.
The outgoing sound is very good and adapts to the room.
The touchscreen is precise and sensitive.

The pianoroom environment’s ergonomics could be better though.
It’s unpleasant to find that the zone allowing to exit the current screen is not always at the same place (it’s always on the right side, but sometimes at the tom and others at the bottom).
Four assignable controls allow for quick access to the most commonly used functionalities without havingto go through the touchscreen.
Even if I consider it to be expensive, I do not regret buying it.

Please note that aspect faults have appeared on the F2 and G2 keys after 10 months using it...!

Fixed it, free stuff off craigslist (P-120)

By Ryan Corcoran, 16/08/2018
I just wanted a digital keyboard that felt like an actual piano, that wouldn't take up to much space in the living room.
I use it to pound, improvise, write, learn songs by ear
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I have tried many digital pianos like this one at guitar center and other music stores.
Pros and Cons
Pro, It feels like a piano. There are some with weighted keys that don't feel like a piano, this isn't one of them. It's easy to operate. You plug it into the wall, press the red button and you can play immediately. All the sounds are immediately above the keys, well marked, easy to understand. It has a wide range of outputs, from midi, rca out, to 1/4 out. Cons? Well it was broke when I gathered it. I had to tear it apart with a volt meter to figure out what was wrong. I did some searching online, and in some forum somewhere a guy said, "It has no fuse, most problems are either the dc input jack solder on the feet got loose on the board or the AC adapter failed. So it does have known issues. However, It was easy to fix once I took a solder gun and just heated and reseated the dc jack back on the board. Luckily, I didn't need to buy any new parts. So if you are fixing one of these, don't make the mistake I did and try to take out the switch to test it. It was a huge pain screwing it back in. Imagine playing the game operation. Cons, it sounds thin. They could have put beefier speakers in it. Cons, Its kinda ugly with the wood finish.

It would not be my first choice if I were to actually purchase a digital piano. However, the price was right, and I will say this, I used to own a Casio Privia, which I like quite a bit better in terms of sounds and aesthetics, however, I would have zero reason to upgrade this Yamaha to a better digital piano no matter the cost. Why? It gets the job done. And in my use, the sound is good enough, the feel is quite good, and pianos are built to be listened to and played not looked at. I would have payed up to 150 usd for the keyboard.

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[NAMM] Yamaha unveils DGX-660 portable grand

Published on 01/24/16
Yamaha presents the DGX-660, a 88-key portable digital piano.

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