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Pioneer CDJ

Pioneer CDJ-TOUR1

User reviews on Pioneer CDJ products

Intuable (Pioneer - CDJ-1000 MK2)

By Silly Nova, 25/09/2014
I have for almost 10 years and they still work perfectly.
Well I do not think back on his duties as everyone know.

But to give you an idea, apart from playing MP3 and hard drives, nothing has changed on the CDJ2000. Moreover, they are 100 times stronger than the MKIII repeatedly sent in for repair by friends.

Pitch perfect (Pioneer - CDJ-850)

By deejay will, 22/08/2014
2 years of use, after the royal cdj 400 is for display, jog accuracy, ergonomics, and I use it with hard drives in rekordbox. I do not have that choice since I saw the nexus 900 for display and the link.

Good stuff (Pioneer - CDJ-2000 Nexus)

By Furrax, 12/06/2014
How long have you use it?

Say that it is a platinum I do not mania at home so I'll say a little while.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
I had cdj 900 for 2 years for me dough are then came the 2000nexus. I also had the opportunity to play on cdj 400 / cdj 800 cdj 2000 in most common places where I went.

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
The deck was reviewed on all points and is a good compromise with the old 2000 and the mod slip was available only on the 900.
The presence knob quantize known for its function and can be disabled to play his hot cue to the extreme.
Its screen can not be anything near him he is perfect in every sense of the term, compared to the old 2000 change is radical!

The negative is hard to say on what kind of product it is only the price hurts all the same, however the quality is to go to buy eyes closed.
If I had the choice again I ferrai without hesitation.

Good platinum like the road well! (Pioneer - CDJ-500 MK2)

By DGEKAD, 22/05/2014
I use a pair bought 120 euros .... leb, the plates are nickel, no scratches no malfunction only track search button to search for a title kidding, sometimes it works but most often this key no longer works so I must return with reverse search button.
Just if someone could give me a tip for cleaning track search buttons I'm interested ...
Maybe I just need to disassemble and clean?

As I'm on deck technics sl 1210 mk2, I also had the ttx Numark TT500 Numark, Vestax pdx2000, stanton st 150, I've always preferred vinyl to cd but as I sometimes do not always find the titles I want I bought the cdj 500 because I did not have much to invest in a way to CDJ 1000 or 800.

What I like most is its simplicity of use, loop / reloop is great but what I love is the accuracy of the pitch ... It is clear that the cdj 500 mk2 is not very young but if you stumbled upon a pair that turns nickel is a case for a small budget for people who would like to learn mix ...

I now turn to cdj 1000 mk3 because I need a cd deck in order to stall and launched as on vinyl ... In addition the price has dropped, I found a pair of cdj 1000 mk3 with 400 euros so no problem I am more than satisfied but I still keep my cdj 500 to troubleshoot if there is a problem ...

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Pioneer introduced the new generation of CD players for DJ, the CDJ-900NXS, an evolution from the CDJ-900 that ships with the rekordbox software.

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