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Pioneer CDJ

Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3

User reviews on Pioneer CDJ products

Bright and Big Display Screen (Pioneer - CDJ-2000)

By JimboSpins, 23/09/2012
The CDJ 2000 has a very high performance deck as well as the ability to play things via WiFi from your computer PC or Mac, and also from your phones (iPad, iPhone, Androids). You can use a hard wired connection to achieve playback as well via SD cards, CD’s, DVD’s and USB devices. Being able to play back from all of my devices was the reason that I chose to spend this much money for the CDJ 2000, I am very happy with my choice and glad that I chose to upgrade from the previous model of the CDJ. The value of this product is pretty good with the price that it is, I do wish it was a little cheaper though. But it holds up really well and can take some wear and tear. It has a color LCD display that is about 6 inches big, with a screen like that it will no longer be hard for your to make your song picks. The quantize mode on the CDJ 2000 is one of the best that I have used. It will quantize when you are using loops and it will do it automatically and very accurately. You can also save all of your settings the way that you like them, this comes in handy so that when you power on your CDJ 2000 all of your personal preferences are saved so you don’t have to set anything up. I own a pair of these now and will now sell my other similar models because I found the one that I really like using and feel comfortable with the most. I do several live gigs a week with the CDJ 2000 and the size of the screen has really spoiled me, it is very bright and easy to see and read the WAV’s on what you are doing. This is very important to me when in a live setting because it is always so dark. Hats off to the CDJ2000, it is truly one of a kind, you must try it out!

A Must Have For The Working DJ (Pioneer - CDJ-900)

By JimboSpins, 06/10/2012
The Pioneer CDJ 900 is a MP3 CD Player that has all of the professional features needed for the working DJ. You can play back WAV, AAC and MP3 files and play back all files coming from a CD or USB cards. Using USB with the CDJ 900 could not be any easier, as soon as you plug it in slot which is on the face of the unit by the turntable , you will be able to have access to that USB drive right away, no waiting for it to read like some of the older CDJ units from Pioneer. You can connect your external hard drive via USB and have all of your music right at your finger tips and that means you can leave your computer (laptop) at home, because you will have no need for it, that is a huge selling point for me because not having extra gear to have to carry around means less trips from the car to the club.

The Pioneer CDJ 900 is very easy to use, you can pretty much get it right out of the packaging and start using it right away. You won’t need to spend hours of looking through the manual to find what you need to understand. The CDJ 900 is also really well built, I don’t think it would be damaged by anything unless you purposely are trying to break it. You can use MIDI to connect certain functions and actions on the CDJ 900 is other controllers you might have in your set up. If you want, you can even connect multiple CDJ 900’s up (4 at the most) by using the link port and they an all share the same songs, memory cards, or USB info.

The Pioneer CDJ 900 just have everything a working DJ needs. Even if you are on a budget you can still afford the price of the CDJ 900 and not have to worry about killing your bank account. It is a great buy and a must have.

cheaper than the 900 but same abilities (Pioneer - CDJ-850)

By JimboSpins, 06/10/2012
The CDJ 850 is one of the best and most affordable solutions to having a CDJ set up. It is made by Pioneer and for years they have been making these CDJ units and they are very well built and constructed. The CDJ 850 is one of the cheaper ones when it comes to price, not cheap in quality. For less than a 1 grand, the CDJ 850 almost has the same features as the 900 models except the 900 models cost a lot more.

The CDJ 850 has top of the line mixing features and an unprecedented sound quality. You can pull all of your files and music from CD’s USB drives or external hard drives, and it plays WAV, AAC, AIFF and almost any other type of audio file that is used. Keep your computer at home with the CDJ 850 like you do with the 950 because all of your stuff can just be on USB drives. So what is really the difference between the 850 and the 900 besides the price. Well for starters I think the 900 has a better build to it, and a more stylish design. In my opinion that is the main thing that is the difference with the two. The CDJ 850 seems to be more for a DJ that is a beginner or with a smaller budget to work with and needs a CDJ device.

The CDJ 850 comes with a DJ management software called Rekordbox, its not the best software for DJ management but its pretty darn good for it to be free with the CDJ 850.
The face of the CDJ 850 is made so that the DJ has the quickest control and access to the music files. And with the WAV running across the screen you will have the proper visuals you need to be able to mix properly as well as have the artist name, and BPM of the song right there in front of you. The CDJ 850 is a low priced machine with everything a DJ needs. It would be my first unit if I was just starting out.

audio quality and unique design, beauty (Pioneer - CDJ-200)

By man_elektron, 13/03/2013
This player will remain an absolutely beautiful, quality audio over 800 CDJ series, the CDJ 100 and 1000 MK1. I opened everything and looked. Without the need for a jog too high, this unit is perfect for the audition, but .. like all CDJ's tempo as something broader needs mix sets + -22 width, otherwise the player will remain unique . warm sound .

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