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Planet Waves
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Planet Waves Dual Action Capo (Dual Action Capo Tuner CP-08 )

By MGR/MattG, 17/01/2010
This Capo was designed to give the player various tensions to help intonation. It still clamps like a regular capo does but there is a spring tightener that gives the user control of how hard the capo grips the strings.

I am an intonation freak and I was looking for a capo that wouldn't put my guitar out of tune quite so badly when using a capo.

The capo works ok on lighter action guitars and does help with intonation problems there but that is where it ends.

If you are using medium gauge strings on a steel string guitar, even with the spring twisted to the maximum tension, it doesn't hold the strings down well enough. It also advertises that it is a 6/12 string capo. I don't know of any twelve string that this capo would work for. I have a very low action Taylor 12 string with extra light strings on it, and it will not work anywhere. At least on a six string, if you use this capo higher up the neck it halfway works. On the twelve string, not a chance.

The quality is fair but the spring seems like it will strip out eventually.

The idea of the capo is great, but it needs more work. The tension needs to be able to be dialed much tighter. This is the only downfall but it makes the capo nearly unusable. It would work fine for an electric guitar capo, but beyond that, it falls short.

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Planet Waves Quick Release (Quick Release Guitar Strap)

By MGR/Billy, 19/02/2011
Stop, no don't, put down the drill. I repeat put down the drill.

So you have a nice acoustic; it sounds great and feels great, but it doesn't have a strap button. I don't know why more acoustic companies do not install a simple strap button where the neck meets the body, but hey I can't change that.

Do not try to drill your own. You can easily split the wood and ruin a beautiful, once valuable instrument.

Planet Waves designed and put out the Quick Release. Basically it creates a slip knot around the neck of your acoustic and you can clip your guitar strap right on it.

I first saw these in action at an Open Mic at a Coffee Shop I was at. I asked the guy where he got it, then I found them online through one of the major online retailers. Best $3 I have ever spent on an acoustic.

It is simple to use and does not put the resale value of my guitar in jeopardy as well as keeps the power tools in their respected closet.

Nothing I do not like. A great product any acoustic player could use.

The clip feels pretty heavy duty as does the cable. Seems like a product you will only have to buy once.

Why didn't I think of this? A great gadget that belongs in every acoustic player's gig bag.

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