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User reviews on PC (Plan Convex) products

Jujumix's review (DTS - Theatro Spot PC650/1000)

By Jujumix, 31/10/2006
I use it for 1 year, they work by other brands without being ridiculous
Tolerance seems small but is well shot,
Nothing to say for the price / quality ratio

johanregie's review (DTS - Theatro Spot PC650/1000)

By johanregie, 13/05/2006
I used this "product" 2 years
TLEs poor, SETTING THE FOCAL random image! bad light output 650w or 1000 w! with a 1200 w why not!
no comparison with adb, rve, julia. to buy stuff is the top Italian LDR
report quality / price for Bozo the clown animation little child be-
for work srieux think something else (LDR suono or note)

Mediocre product even dangerous (SX Lighting - PC 300-500w)

By Le_Chamois, 04/01/2013
I have actually the model PC 1000 W

Entry level product.
Far from ADB or Robert Juliat

Problems: supply with integrated fuse. Overheating when the beam is set to minimum aperture. The plug fully into the socket and stays stuck.
Top lamp unit near power son. Melting insulation and short circuit. Cut to differential protection. End of the service as the problem is not identified.

Solution: Ask a wedge that will stroke limiter to create a space between the lamp unit and the bottom dun projector in order not to overheat the son of supply.
Moving the power input into an angle while the integrated fuse suprimant; protection being on the power blocks.

Since the improvements above, no problem.

Not enough light puisqsance compared to upscale. Is the bulb included which is less powerful?
Warning: the projector body is burning in less than 5 min.

I do not rachetterai this projector.