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User Review

A great investment - Reviews Audio Ease Speakerphone

The thing that I love about the Audio ease Speakerphone is that you can place any sound you are working with in basically any acoustic space that you want it to be in all in real time and with visuals. Being that when I first purchased this plug in it took me some time before I could fully understand it; it was the first type of plug in that I have work with that had this type of abilities and was completely new to me. Since then I have used hundreds of times and upgraded it not too long ago. The original Audio Ease Speakerphone has allowed me to create cleaner mixes by getting certain sounds out of the way to make room for other sounds.


This plug in works with a Mac and a PC but on my main studio PC is where I used it the most because that is where most of my mixing goes down at. It took me a few weeks before I was done playing around with this plug in (because it was fun to experiment) then I was ready to really start working with it effectively. I have also used this plug in for post production purposes for video and short films that I do from time to time for local artist and groups to really add some depth and width to all music and any thing that I really wanted to add it to.


Working with this plug in has changed the way that I mix sounds and work with the post production stages of songs. I highly recommend purchasing this plug in if you can afford it. You will be able to emulate any style or size room and put that sound in it exactly where you want to. It does come with a manual and I spent a lot of time reading through it to make sure that I had all of the basics down. I love the Speakerphone plug in!