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User Review

Guitar fx pedal & amp sim app makes life easier for guitarists with iOS and Android phones/tablets - Reviews Deplike Deplike

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I came across this app while I was on the verge of buying a Mooer GE150 processor after years of despising fx and amp sim processors. Now that times have changed, I’m just a tired ex-analogue geek frustrated with cables and wires. I also do not want to put up with the time and effort of setting up software VST plugins with the DAWs on my PC. There is no shame in flirting with more reasonable and cheaper solutions.

This virtual rig app simply enables you to use basic fx pedals and amp simulations from your phone. Its outstanding feature is that Deplike is also able to address rather average guitar players both in terms of technical background and financial availability. You don’t have to mess with mic positions or pay individually for amps and pedals. It is free to download with in-app purchases. No bundles or packs. All items are unlocked for a reasonable lump-sum price with lifetime subscription or periodical (annual/monthly) subscription except for a stock amp, a delay and a loop pedal which are free.
Deplike offers 20 fx pedals and 15 amp and cabinet models. You can be assured of the versatility that this app can offer. These pedals, amps and cabinets are modeled from the popular original hardware ones that are used by many guitarists. My favourite classical combo of Ibanez TS808 overdrive + Orange power amp is now available on my phone.

User created presets seem to be their prior motive of attraction. Search option for bands, genres and songs is available for users who want to save the effort of making their own presets.
You can create your rig according to your taste. You can even match a power amplifier with a cabinet of a different type/model.
You can connect your mobile device to your guitar using either a USB or analogue interface. iRigs, Behringer UCG’s, TC Helicon Go Guitars, Apogee Links, Bandlab Analogue/Digital Links are favorable to be used with Deplike. There are probably a bunch of other audio interfaces that can work.


- Compatible with iOS and Android.
- It is able to work around the Android’s inherent issues with audio latency and quality (See
- Prices are affordable. For monthly, annual and lifetime subscription plans.
- Sound quality is actually satisfactory, although depending on one’s expectations.
- Easy to use, no advanced knowledge required. Knobs and faders are straightforward. It saves you the effort of
building a chain with the right order and cables. It automatically adds items to the chain in the proper order.
- Option to use presets made by other users.
- Covers all of the basic needs of a guitar player upon subscribing (overdrive, distortion, fuzz, eq, delay effects and
amps + cabinets)
- Has more to offer than the basic effects, i.e. chorus, flanger, tape delay, pitch shifter, octave shifter etc.
- Offers a number of clean and crunchy amp types.
- Offers versatility without frustrating the user by dictating unmanageable number of instructions or steps required.
- Has a simple yet elegant UI. No eye candy for useless items.
- Can be integrated to Garageband and Audiobus on iOS devices.
- Doesn’t burn the CPU.


- No advanced settings such as mic options or mic positioning.
- Some Android mobile devices can be very unstable with audio issues, so a USB interface is required to use
Deplike’s own USB driver to eliminate latency. Analog interfaces may not work well with Android.
- Needs a guitar link or an audio interface to use.
- Obviously it doesn’t provide the exact level of warmth and saturation any analog equipment can. However, which
software can do this, I do not know.

Check the website and the YouTube page: