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[Getting started] The Top Commercial Software Guitar Amps

The Top Commercial Software Guitar Amps
How do you pack dozens of vintage amps and speaker cabinets in a 130 ft² home studio for less than $500? Just enter the wonderful virtual realm with this article about the best commercial software guitar amps. Let's rock!

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Althoug most of the packages mentioned do have their positive points (and look great too), there is one that was not included here and which beats them all in tone and originality (and price too!). I'm talking about Acme Bar Gig's HeadCase Guitar Environment System. This must be tried to be believed - and you can get a fully functional demo at, along with a number of incredibly good freebies. Don't miss it!
I'm surprised there isn't more love for Scuffham S-Gear! I own most of the amp sims in this article, and have tried the ones I don't own, and ever since I bought Scuffham I find it hard to even use the others! I know it doesn't have many glossy features and options but the tone is unbeatable, particularly the realistic top-end.