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The amp simulations and quality effect - Reviews IK Multimedia AmpliTube Custom Shop

Value For Money : Excellent
Installing Windows 7 32-bit, no particular concern. For product installation Custom Shop test for 3 days this is also done in a few clicks. For the purchase of additional equipment must be some manipulations, but it's still simple.
I also updated the app to the latest version without any particular concern.


Intel Core I3 / 4 Gigs of Ram HDD at 7500 rev / min, DELL laptop.
What is also important is the sound card, I have a Steinberg UR22, baffles and monitoring low-end (one Samson Media 4A).
No worries performance, it takes a few seconds to start the app, and it works after impeccable. No need for stability and it's been almost a year that I use regularly.
The software operates in Standalone, VST, and probably other format plugins.


Installed on my PC for 2 years for testing, I used regularly for about a year, ever since I have a good sound card and monitors correctly.
I had before the Line 6 Podfarm, I used a lot, but I do not use more.
I also have a version of GTR3 and Revalver HP, and I tested as Guitar Rig 5 and some software Freeware.
So what pleases me the most compared to the other is that for zero euros were 2 clean amp like Fender, Marshall and a rare thing a bass amp. There are also some effects pedals.
And that all sounds correctly, especially with respect to the dynamic Line 6 is very good. The personality of the guitar is also respected, we hear the difference between my Strat and my Les Paul. For everything is free, I find all the amps good, pleasing to the ear. I have no idea if the sound is identical to the emulated amp, but it sounds. Against by the sound effects, but no more (overdrive, chorus, delay).
To use the Custom Shop you need to buy credits. The prices are in euros HT so it feels a little scam. In fact over the years there has regular specials at 50% and there prices are reasonable, otherwise it is not really given (amp + cabinet for a 25 euros). You can test all the gear Custom Shop that you want, you choose an amp or effect, and you can use it for 3 days (the only constraint is to leave the window open Custom Shop).
What's in the Custom Shop sounds much better than what was free. For example I took the Fulltone OCD and TS-9 copy and it buries the diode overdrive. But right after that is everyone's tastes, I tested some fuzz and it did not convince me. On the other hand I do not like the fuzz. I also took two Ampeg, Ampeg few speakers, and there it looks good. I also had a coupon thanks to a double rectify ringing the fire god (and I'm not a fan of metal). Note that like any simulation of this kind we are left with so much gear it takes a very long time before any master. Just playing on the type of cabinet, the type and placement of microphones, we are left with a whole lot of possibilities.
It should also take the time to reflect on the following problem: buying amps and effects separately it will cost a lot more expensive than taking the Amplitube Fender 3 pack or pack. So if you know what you want and only need 3 or 4 amp and some effects, the Custom Shop is good. Otherwise packs Amplitube 3 / Fender / Orange are studying.
Once you put the fingers in the Custom Shop is difficult to get out, especially with the loyalty system JamPoints can also have discounts up to 50%.
The value for money is excellent, but be careful as soon as we put one foot in the Custom Shop is the downward spiral, if you are about to mistrust GAS!
Otherwise the tuner works well, there is a choice between several solutions routing effects and amps, there is even a recorder MP3/WAV player for those who want to play on playback.A also noted that there may several times to the same effect in its config, I put two TS-9 series and it does! (SRV inside!).

In conclusion I would say that this is a great product, and above all a very good value for money. What is free is good, but not really the point of his original view, and according to your tastes you'll find many amps or effects that are worth (For me OCD, TS-9, the Ampeg SVT, the Bassman 59 and a few others ....