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User Review

ddn's review - Overloud TH1

No problem in my configuration prehistoric, installation and setup easy, no inconsistency.

on the other hand, with the activation key / dongle it annoys me to an unimaginable: it requires to have a gadget that hangs over the computer, it takes a USB port and in addition it does not protect from hacking . Another excuse to waste computer pollutants.


I have an old single-core PC running XP with a sound card Hoontech 2002 and it runs perfectly audible with zero latency (10.2 ms) without click and without crashing. Much less less resources than the competition.


Try it intensively for two weeks and I have tried just about everything that is done as a simulator. I'm a fan of Guitar Rig, despite its many flaws, probably because I use it since the release of version 1, I know it by heart and I play mostly clean sound with many hacks for which GR is very adapted.

- Sound as stated in the notice below is quite impressive, at least for the app. it is obvious that it sounds less than 100 000 dollarz of stuff in a studio isolated bunker way into the hands of Steve Albini. But make no mistake this time the app in general is rather intended for the home studio and in this role there is convincing TH1. In addition it allows easy configuration of complicated tests to do with the hardware (see eg youtube videos Electroharmonix "how it sounds with the reverb in a compressor at the bottom?" How it sounds with the effects of late chain placed at the beginning of string? "etc.). The blend of two amplifiers is something that all apps have now so why bof bof.

- The interface is confusing for an hour but soon you realize that everything is logically designed, easy to use and routing possibilities are immense. still a big minus for amps / cabs whose interface is identical regardless of the model chosen, although I realize that I prefer it to detail when it's nice to watch (see AmpliTube fender)

- The effects are numerous and well thought out including reverbs and delays (D-Delay is a good plant, a reverse mode, lots of settings, and there is also a compelling tape delay). on the other hand really miss it effects "weird" here no arpeggiator, no resonant filter, no leslie, no possibility of modulation and so on. I guess that's to stay in the area of "real" hardware emulation but I find it a pity to miss the tremendous opportunities in the soft crushing sound.

- The MIDI setup is very poorly designed, there is no function directly learn about the effects / amp (or I have not found) is through the menu as MIDI mapping on early versions of 'AmpliTube. Very negative for me that makes extensive use of on / off and two expression pedals for my floorboard.

- There is no loop!! No kidding!! It seems unthinkable to use a soft guitar without using a looper. Very negative for me, this point.

In total, I'd say it's a good gear for guitarists who want to pass without harm to their amps / pedals software, with a good sound, pretty setting and effects and an easy grip eventually. on the other hand for those like me who have long taken the step at all soft, the opportunities are inadequate and lack of looper unimaginable. Special mention for the low consumption of resources on a very interesting example netbook.