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User Review

Sergyo_'s review - Overloud TH1

No worries, I have personally used rponse challenge mode, not the look i-cl
Trs simple to use, well done manually.


This plug is not trs greedy, at least not with a Dual Core E 6400, 2 g ram
No problem either, which is so INTERESTED HER.


I just have to buy used APRS BMD (version 1.1)
There are a lot of simulators on the market and I've tried.
Do not try this little gem quickly and poorly done, but understand it and be surprised by its quality exeptionnelle.
I join the opinion of Mdupre, I feel to play on real amps.
The possibilities are truly vast. Ok, there is little amp, but then how
a ring, mention the 900 particulire pout and Modern (Mesa boogie!).
Okay, I'd like them to do so in the Hiwatt Guilmour and other Fender
The sound is warm, crying, crying, adcoiffe!
I read and people say blah blah, you're passs too quickly without understanding.
This is the best: point bar, the technique used is correct.
Of course I would do this choice, for € 300 amps I have mgas home with the speakers, full of pedals and not take place. I m'clate as a kid.
And yes, why this thing is not he better known, has m'chappe !!!!!