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User Review

moosers's review - Overloud TH1

Overloud's TH1 is an in depth guitar effect suite and amp modeling plug-in. It's pretty much a one stomp shop for getting guitar tones. I don't own this plug-in, so I wasn't involved with installation or anything to do with getting started with the plug-in. In my time using the plug-in at the studio that I work at, I've found it to be a pretty user friendly interface considering how many different processors there are available here. You've got all sorts of different amps, cabinets, and effects of all types to choose from. The interface is awesome as it will show you everything laid out that you've got going on, showing you everything in a realistic looking display. The plug-in can be used on Mac or PC operating systems and is available as either an AudioUnit, RTAS, or VST plug-in, in addition to the fact that you can also use it as a standalone piece of software. A manual might be a good idea so you can have all of it's pertinent information right at your finger tips, but I haven't seen it myself.


The studio that I work at has the Overloud TH1 running on a number of different systems, all of which are Pro Tools HD based. The software doesn't seem to take up much processing power to begin with considering how much is in here, but it doesn't matter much anyway since our HD systems can handle pretty much anything. I can't say how well this might run in Pro Tools LE, as that's a whole different ballgame from our HD systems.


The Overloud TH1 is definitely one of the most in depth and complete guitar based pieces of software out there. It's got virtually every type of processing that you'd want with a virtual guitar rig, consisting of a ton of amp modeling processing and endless effects to choose from. I love the way the interface looks, as it looks just like a real guitar set up! The sounds for the most part on the TH1 are very good, but there are times when it doesn't sound too realistic in my opinion, but this is mostly with some of the effects in there. While there is amp modeling software out there that sounds better than this in my opinion, you won't find many out there that are complete as this at this price...