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User Review

3d microphone placement - Reviews Overloud TH2

The Over Loud TH2 helped me get that perfect tone. It has 45 amp channels with over 120 different modes. It allows 3d positioning of the microphones in a visual format; I was able to get everything with the tone the exact way that I wanted it to sound. I have used other plug ins similar to this before but most of them took a lot of CPU to run, surprisingly this didn’t take a lot of CPU to run and it is very affordable.


Installing this plug ins was quick and easy, it only took a few minutes and it comes with a manual to help with any questions the user may have. You can also run this plug in as a standalone if you choose, though I didn’t like it in standalone mode because I liked to work with other instruments in my DAW as well with the TH2. There are a lot of presets in this plug in but I do not think they are all that good, I prefer to start from a standard preset (something simple) and build around that until I am happy with the sound I get.


There are 20 pedals and rack effects to work with and 18 microphones to choose from! At this price I didn’t not expect to be able to get so many options to mold my sound with. All of the parameters and effects can be tempo synced to the BPM in my DAW too. I do recommend downloading the demo of the TH2 just to make sure that it will run smoothly on your system first because I have read some reviews where people say that it didn’t run smooth (maybe because they didn’t have enough RAM).
The demo can be downloaded directly from the OverLoud website and then if you choose to keep it you can just play for it and have the full version.