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User Review

Finally a sound Lamps (quasi) ... we believe! - Reviews Overloud TH2

Easy, but manual in English, not very cool for non-English speakers who spend € 150 anyway.
Do not worry, we get it anyway without the manual.


Core 2 Duo 3GHz / Win 8.1 external sound card (M-audio or audio interface MOXF6)
Everything works fine, no significant latency (well to my ears), no crash.

The simulation also works standalone (well not having to run a sequencer for a gas plant gratouiller quickly). Pick more, fewer mice! ...

The interface is not a gas plant, everything is to the point.


The clean sounds (which are very good) worth those of other simulations (Amplitube, Guitar RIG ...)

The basis for me is the primary sound, it must be good. For effects everyone does well in general.
The quality of the effects is equal to the other, so fine, the settings are significant.

For crunch and distorted sounds, Th2 Overloud is now well above the rest and approaching near my amp tube (Dean Markley).
It is especially high mids that sound (to my ears) quite synthetic in others, and that we do not believe ...

There is frankly stunning!

I even found the love of his feelings that I had 30 years ago on my body JMC800 3 (HardRockeste my time) ... (I had a small tear to the eye, sniff ...). I calmed down since: Rock, blues, funk)

With some manipulations, it sounds very quickly, unlike Guitar Rig eg. or you spend a lot of time in the end a rather disappointing result, its not a very consistent and especially "messy" ill defined (except for clean sounds).

I recommend it for the quality of basic sounds (clear, but especially the crunch and saturated), and the ease to obtain quickly a very good sound.

The price should more attractive (call 99 € eg price) with fewer options (effects) can be.
(This is true for the other charge simulations.)

Now this is a very good simulation, yet the sound of a real tube amp in my opinion. But when we approach this quality, the comparison becomes a little suggestive.

It must be taken for a simulation that lets you play with headphones or small monitor speakers and having fun (that's what counts in the end, right?) Without stirring up the neighborhood.

The pro preferred probably still save a real tube amp, with its dynamics, fullness of sound, its definition, its imperfections ... grind the sound manually short the charm of a tube amp.

Th2 Overloud reaches almost, others are a little behind (for quality and "truth" sounds)

Amic '

I put moultes stars as "amp simulation", not as "amp".