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User Review

Not bad! - Reviews Overloud TH2

Nothing to add.


What performance?

The sound is rather better than some competitors (Guitar Rig 5, Amplitube 3).
There is a good sound quite easily.
that sounds pretty bad.


Tested on monitor speaker and headphone.

The pros:
1) The sound (in fact I think there are more serious compared to the competition cited serious stand out more).
2) Simplicity to find
3) The interface is quite pleasant unlike Guitar Rig 5 in particular)
4) We like the 7-band eq pedal (reactive rather well).
5) Possibility to build a chain parallel effects (including amp).
6) Ability to mix 2 amps directly on the amp itself.
7) There is a knob on the amp representing the volume knob on the guitar to those with high gain pickups. This has the function of a gain knob.
For high gain amp, it is very effective for a little more boost.

The -:
1) eq knobs on the amp are not very reactive, it's quite a shame,
must be added to equalize seven bands chain to bring out everything.
2) The tremolo is not tremolo-pan.
3) Univibe could be better quality.
4) The reverbs are pretty sketchy, I would have liked something more complete (why not with the ability to download IRs as in Guitar Rig 5 for example), a little more reverb type (cathedral, stage, arena dark hall, iceverb, hotverb, darkverb ...)
ability to place the instrument in space Stereo 3D.
5) Classification of amplifiers is somewhat surprising, more amps name may not be clear at first use.
6) The amps are in the form of a single amp. Z'auraient could also find a look closer to each amp as among competitors (it is good for the eyes).

*: Some speak sizzling => see maybe latency problem on the sound card or problem input output level, or saturation of the card.