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User Review

theedge73's review - Peavey ReValver MK III

Installing high-speed, no worries.

The interface is trs conviviale.Comme of inhabitants in these soft, there are a billion paramtres that serve nothing ... Ex: the speakers, there are a hundred but if you choose 'dfault 4x12' trs is bien.Idem paramtrisation module for lamps and electronic circuit: AC crazy! you can spend three weeks just on a preset ...

Many if not all trs


No worries on my mid-range hardware. On a PC sound card and a rcent must be perfect.


This app is just amazing.
I have all tried and I never get any better than:
Guitar => Prampli TubeMP => POD => Plugin + Cubase effects.
Today I have my virtual POD and Cubase that I took a lot of CPU.

We could dvelopper for days but here are the + + + this simulator:

- Simulations PEAVEY amps are incredible, it's the very first time it feels like a real 'bite medium' typical of real amps lampes.Tous styles are catered.

- Tools Stro type dcalage right / left, Enhancer ... give scope to his ever heard with the other soft.

He is autonomous (standalone) then uses a resource and can keep you well:
It possde module Seinberg VST Host! And yes, you can use your Plugin Submitted effects on your PC as effects from the Entire Revalver (Warp, T-Racks, Izotope ...)