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User Review

Magic! - Reviews Ohm Force Ohmboyz

Easy installation and authorization without headaches.
Special effect based delays, filters, and LFOs.
So the sound starts through four delay lines in parallel (can not activate one, two or three) without feedback but with each pan. It is then routed to one or two (optional) delays, always in parallel, but this time with feedback. Each of these lines has a filter (LPF, BPF, HPF, Peak / Notch) resonance. When choosing GMP or Peak, you can adjust the width of the filter ("Q"). Also for each line, is entitled to a distortion floor and finally a High Shelf filter that allows if necessary to mitigate the acute (useful for example when using the distortion.) Finally, if both delays are activated, we a cross-feedback ("balance") that crosses Feedback or allowed to evolve independently.
Beyond, and original enough to like effect "delay", you can assign an LFO (ten waveforms possible) for most parameters (some for which it does not make sense are excluded.)
Furthermore, all parameters can be controlled via MIDI and can dynamically enchainer completely different configurations ("morphing") by the method common to all Ohm Force plugs. Many presets "factory" are available and a manual clear and French.


Never had any problems running or stability of Mac Pro with Mac OS 10.6.8 and Digital Performer. CPU resource consumption is minimal.


I use this for three years. I am aware that many opinions have already been given, but by an overview of the tools I use for a long time and I particularly like, I could not ignore it.
What is magical OhmBoyz is a plug-in, organized after all fairly simple and does not involve setting very exotic, is able to offer an almost infinite number of effects, often very original and sometimes really crazy. I use it often on drumloops that can be radically transformed, but it can get interesting results on the song or almost anything in fact, including including tablecloths. Note that filters sound remarkably well.
After that, it is not necessarily obvious to know in advance what we will get when you get into a crushing sequence OhmBoyz. But since the time tested and having the presets available on all kinds of loops, I started to have preferences. A knowledge of the presets I choose depending on the situation and I refine as appropriate. But if you have a little time, it can be very creative from scratch and carve an effect parameter by parameter and then adding LFOs. Initially, I chose the "classic skin" because I like to have a clear vision of what I do. As such, and like others, I rather regret not being able to have an overview of assignments LFOs. But it is a plug still very well designed and is in no complicated setup. Of course, the adventurers who like to give it to chance, prefer the "funky skin".
In total, it can hit or it can hover but it is a tool for creating stunning. The kind of effect that can open on inspiration leads you in unexpected ways. Even with a great habit, OhmBoyz will offer surprises.