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Siren Audio updates its virtual instruments

Siren Audio has released version 2 of its Generative and Feedback sound shaping softwares for Mac OS X and Windows.

Feedback is a standalone app that allows for creating loops and textures from an external audio source or audio file that will be sent to 20 delay lines. Each line has its own time, variation and gain settings. Delays are compressed on the output then sent back to the delay line, which creates an infinite feedback. You can use the software to quickly layer sounds and create drones, loops and textures.

Version 2 of Feedback adds the following changes:

  • Increased random parameters with delay times in ms or bars
  • Improved playback mode for the built-in granular synth
  • Polyphonic Sampler playback mode with up to 10 voices
  • Effect section on the output
  • New Play Free playback modes
  • Added reverb
  • Improved filters
  • New Instability and Strength control for the delay time variation
  • Ability to change the order of the output effects/reverb
  • Display BPM for live use
  • Increased options to record the input source
  • Update / delete preset slots
  • Various GUI and CPU ressource improvements

Feedback 2 is available for £25 at



Generative uses granular synthesis to create evolutive soundscapes. Like Feedback, you’ll use external files or audio to feed the software. The synth parameters continuously change and affect the playback position, volume and pan. You can change the filter and pitch settings for each “device” and can control the granular parameters on the fly by pausing the internal synth engine.

Changes in v2:

  • Save and restore sessions with all the settings
  • Independent graphic filter and pitch settings for each of the four granular players
  • Choice of graphic or variable state filter on the output
  • States section to change the parameters from MIDI notes played on your keyboard
  • MIDI Trigger section with amplitude envelope to set the pitch and change the presets
  • Aux send effects for each device
  • Effect channel with ramp, distortion and delay
  • Real time control of the granular settings by disabling the internal synth engine
  • Global pitch and variation settings
  • Random pitch via scales or tone range set by the user
  • Option to modify the pitch via MIDI (scale, tone range, key interval)
  • See, add, edit or delete segments
  • Display specific device segments and/or user playback zones
  • Improved variable state filters
  • Added reverb
  • Multiple improvements 

Generative retails for £30 at Trial versions are available for download.