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Klanghelm Dynamic Processor Software

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User reviews on Dynamic Processor Software Klanghelm products

My compressor default! (DC1A)

By Robin Schneider, 03/09/2012
Installation on Osx could not be easier, it is a free plugin so no permission to do so.

The manual is available in PDF, but frankly it is not necessary.


I use a MacPro Quadcore with Logic.

The plugin does not bug, it does its job very simply.


I use it for 6 months envron.

Although I have very good compressors, both hardware (1176) that plugin (Fairchild, DC8C, LA-2A), I needed a compressor especially versatile super simple to set up and low resource utilization.

The DC1A is perfect for this purpose. Its threshold is around -15 dB, meaning that compress upon insertion of about 4dB for source properly registered. We just have to get the output of 4dB is compressed and hop!

This type of plugin is very quick to use super useful when you must have a premix that potato just after a session to the client. Even if I use other compressors to refine the mix, it is really effective, especially with respect to its free!

I love the drums, bass and piano. It allows me to save resources on my UAD cards. It is also my compressor trip when I take my macbook with a stereo sound card and I do not have my UAD plugins.

Relaxed mode works well on vocals and sources who do not like the cuts too hard.

In short, if you like the efficiency in simplicity, you throw it.

And if you want even more mind control version "gas factory", the DC8C, costs only $ 20, and this is a great compressor that offers both the brickwall Limiting cuts that creative with EQ the sidechain and customization of the distortion.

Best digital compressor for my taste (DC8C)

By Quantum-Music, 04/11/2013
Yes, installation is super easy. This is consistent with everything and it never plant.


On my Mac i7 2.8 GHz it rolls. Parcontre, when I do 96kHz with oversampling, I come to give trouble to my processor. What I considered to be relatively normal. Since DC8C upgrade to version 2, the upsampling seems less necessary.


Since even before its release. I tested a lot of digital compressor, I think most are unusable for mastering. It is doing very well however. The value for money is ridiculously good. Oh yes. This is one of the plugins I use most often.

News Dynamic Processor Software Klanghelm

Klanghelm updates its compressors

Published on 12/17/13
Klanghelm Audio announces the release of v2 of its DC1A free compressor and v2.1 of the DC8C paid big brother.

Klanghelm Updates DC8C

Published on 04/15/12