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[NAMM] Brainworx bx_cleansweep goes Pro

At the NAMM, Brainworx has introduced a Pro version of their bx_cleansweep filter plug-in.

Brainworx has released a Pro version of their bx_cleansweep filter plug-in. While the original is free, this new version has a $149 but offers of course many more features, including:

  • Joint HP/LP filter with in-depth frequency response control
  • In addition to Butterworth, five new filter types with additional control options
  • o Bessel, Chebyshev (Type I & II), Elliptical, and Resonant Butterworth
  • Each filter adjustable up to the 6th order
  • New View Modes in graph panel with value callouts at each coordinate: Spectrum analyzer, Magnitude, Phase, Group Delay 
  • Input Gain allows compensation for post-filter volume reduction
  • Joystick/matrix controller manipulates both HP and LP filters on an X/Y plane, creating an intuitive interface for honing-in on character
  • Phase reverse tool button

The bx_cleansweep is available for a MSRP of $149. Also, until February 25th, registered users of the free original bx_cleansweep plug-in (virtually everyone, as it is currently still available for free) can get the pro version for $49.

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