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exepltionnel not yet effective - Reviews Tone2 BiFilter [Freeware]

Its going!


lightweight and stable.


I try a lot wook MoogoFilter, Oligarc filter, lpf naive, Sonalksis tbk (surcharge), love filter (with fruity) and other and share those naive, and love of Sonalksis fiter others do not support the comparison yet he did nothing special except a fairly large selection of filters.

on the other hand I do not like distortions that currently with, I put on bypass and I use a small tape distortion or tube type tesslaPRO MKII, Nick Crow Lab tubedriver, AXP CharBooster or otherwise.

The sound that comes out is not very typical analog but with one or two modulation effects before or after more than a slight distortion (such as those mentioned above) at the end, where two (one plus one between the modulations at the end ); the sound seems alive.

With the choice of hpf filter, a good setting for the resonance and an eq, I can (on a power chord melody well Overdriver) to vary the filter over a wide frequency band and keep a good groove; it is not easy but the result and not evil, when the hpf filter is located below the distortion created after the filter harmonic above the crossover frequency and prevents the sound is too serious, too dark, because if the melody is as serious as the kick tciao groove.