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[Getting started] The Best DAWs - forum Software Sequencer

I like it very much.

- Routing

Not only the look and feel of the analog console but also the daw sounds like one. The way they inbeded the inserts and channels direct out is amazing.
No hard routings just one click and your input has a direct ouput and the sam for the inserts. The insert is an insert. Not for plugins but for real hardware.
Also the internal routing can be modified with a few clicks just like rewiring an analog console on a patchfield.

- Layout

The program is easy for the eyes ( colors). Every option easy to find.
Ok perhaps no rocket science but it has great support for multiple screens.
The mixer has detailed grahics while the track window is almost like the old dos kind of feel. So the didn't made it fancier than they should.

- Cost

The costs for the program is nothing compared to other daws
( which i happen to like also very much)

- Sound

The sound from the daw match perfectly by my old english analog mixer
Cool. How is it for editing? I find myself doing lots of editing while I mix, and that's why I use Pro Tools. Its editing interface (especially for audio) is without peer, in my opinion. That being said, your description of the sound quality of the Harrison software is intriguing, and I'm certainly going to give it a closer listen.
Well the audio editting is a bit different then cubase or protools but ones you get the hang of it and know the locations of the tools you are looking for it will basicly lives it's own live. If you know what i mean ;-)
You guys rated Garage Band higher than Logic and Pro Tools? I think not.
It's just a list, not a ranking. ;)
Cubase IS NOT the flagship product. That honor would go to Nuendo. For a while, Nuendo has a much better audio engine, but it was eventually shared with Cubase... But Cubase will always be the Semi- to Nuendo's Pro.