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A review of the Sonible Frei:raum EQ plug-in

Space Liberation Life as a writer for Audiofanzine has its pros and cons...Granted, if you're into audio, spending most of your days testing and reviewing the latest gear from the audio world can be really gratifying to the geek in you. However, after the umpteenth review of the umpteenth virtual version of a legendary hardware unit, it can get really tiresome. read more…

Eiosis AirEQ Premium Review

Second Wind Eight years after the original, Eiosis presents a "Premium" edition of the AirEQ plug-in. read more…

Universal Audio - Moog Multimode Filter: The Test

Moog Multimode Filter: Mojo Filter While there is a huge choice of filter effects available on the market today, it could be argued that many of them lack the character and warmth of some of their hardware counterparts and while some claim to capture the sound of vintage hardware, the reality is few have come close. It’s just possible that all this is about to change though, as one of Universal Audio’s latest offerings for the UAD platform is the Moog multimode filter. With a well respected pedigree in emulating prized vintage hardware, Universal Audio are perhaps the best people to attempt the recreation of the classic Moog sound. read more…

User reviews on Software Spectral Processor products

Excellent (Brainworx - bx_dyneq v2)

By Cimerian, 23/12/2015
I use it with Cubase 6
Great stability
GUI is large, clear and well readable
The plugin is mouse-controllable
It is not too CPU-hungry
It's really efficient and accurate
It is a multifunction processor including compressor, EQ, De-esser and Boom (Kick)
It brings a real improvement at the mastering stage

The bx_dyneq v2 is a complete dynamic equalizer and compressor.
It doesn't take much time to get used to using it.

Just perfect (Acon Digital Media - Equalize)

By Ekool, 24/03/2016
I use this piece of software on an Asus x52jc laptop:
- Core I5, 2.2 ghz
- Cubase Element 7 DAW

I use it for sound design and mixing.

Performance and stability: 4/5.

Ease of use: 5/5 for someone used to manipulating EQs.

Basic manual (in Englsh only).

Efficiency: 5/5.

This software perfectly fits my expectations.

- Sober, flexible and practical interface.
- The ability to listen and mute frequency bands.
- A very complete plugin.

- The spectrum analyzer could have been made bigger.

Warm and soft (Acustica Audio - Ivory IAE-2)

By cyrorcel, 25/05/2017
I use it with Logic Pro X . Running on a Mac Pro 12 Cores 64Gb Ram.
Very easy to use and no special issue
Amazing product. Not too greedy CPU .
It sounds like an analog EQ.
Can be use on a track, Bus or Master Bus. . .

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sonible smart:EQ+ Summer Sale

Published on 07/12/17
Get 30% on breakthrough EQ technology – through July 21st

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Published on 04/13/17

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The best audio plug-ins for mixing
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Frequency Gating Toms with DF-Q

Published on 11/07/16

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